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A Few Client Comments:

[quote author=”Bill Hammack”]Ann and her team have worked closely with me at The Theatre of Western Springs with graphic design and other creative initiatives for the past two years. Ann is a collaborative creative director who provides excellent service on time, and at a reasonable and very competitive cost. I recommend Wiegand Associates without reservation. [/quote]
[quote author=”Victor Manzo”]Ann is a marketing guru. Her team is expert in marketing to brand your business, increase your exposure in all aspects, including social media. Wiegand Associates built my interactive, social media-friendly website that is everything I ever wanted. I highly recommend Wiegand Associates to anyone because they truly will help brand your message, your content and your vision.[/quote]
[quote author=”Amy Goodman”]Ann is a brilliant and creative designer. The logo, website and business cards that she designed for me are beautiful and functional, but most importantly they portray the essence and professionalism of my consulting business. And her help with concept and detail, such as a tagline, was invaluable![/quote]

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[headline]Why Choose Us?[/headline]
[intro]We handle each of our clients’ requests with care and precision. [/intro]
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[tabs][tab title=”Experience”]

Many of our associates, including Ann Wiegand, have more than 25 years of experience at large and small advertising agencies in Chicago. Our clients have been mega-corporations like S.C. Johnson, RJ Reynolds and Conagra, as well as some locally famous businesses like La Salle Bank, Searle and Motorola… and non-profits big and small like the Lincoln Park Zoo, Theatre of Western Springs and Interfaith Community Partners.

Since April of 2010 we have been funneling this wealth of experience through Wiegand Associates with:

  • Situational analysis
  • Strategic thinking
  • Effective writing
  • Creative design
  • Measurable results


[tab title=”Vision”]

We’ve got a group of wonderful, experienced professionals to call on. We want to apply their skills to make a difference in our tiny corner of the world. Our preferred clients are businesses, institutions and organizations whose values align with our own. They are part of our community, environmentally responsible and socially active. Our vision is to use our knowledge to help them get the word out, grow and build resources that benefit all of us.


[tab title=”Quality”]

We are perfectionists. We don’t always agree on what perfection is, but everyone we work with is committed to delivering the best product they can. This means attention to detail in production, fussiness to the point of obsession with the creative product and very happy clients. [/tab]

[tab title=”Flexibility”]

We work with a wide range of professionals with different skill sets.  Unlike a brick-and-mortar agency we are not limited by using the people on our payroll first. We can select the professionals who will best help us get the job done.  The freedom of our business model allows us to choose a team well suited to the project at hand. [/tab]

[tab title=”Economy”]

Since we do a  lot of our work online, we use Skype, Google +, Harvest and BaseCamp to structure our agency. No need to be in the same place to be in constant communication. The economy of working from our personal computers means a reduced carbon footprint, low overhead costs and the ability to deliver big agency quality without the big agency price tag.

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Our Strengths

We’re serious about our business and yours!

[progress][progbar width=”95%”]Creativity – 95%[/progbar][progbar width=”95%”]Customer Service – 95%[/progbar][progbar width=”90%”]Online Marketing Savvy – 90%[/progbar][progbar width=”95%”]Technical skills – 95%[/progbar][/progress]

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