Our Services

[headline]Our Services[/headline]
[intro]Wiegand Associates is a network of marketing professionals, who together with our core team, form a virtual agency. We are experienced, service-driven and powerful partners.
We collaborate in the cloud to produce exceptional marketing solutions using big agency talent in a small carbon footprint. [/intro]

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[one-third][service href=”#” target=”_self” icon=”lamp” title=”Inspiration”]We put smart people, a strategy and an objective together to ignite some powerful thinking.[/service][/one-third]
[one-third][service href=”#” target=”_self” icon=”lifebuoy” title=”We’re here to help”]We work to understand your business, clarify objectives and send you a life-line.[/service][/one-third]
[one-third last][service href=”#” target=”_self” icon=”award” title=”Accolades”]We win awards for our creativity, but the reward is in measurble results for our clients. [/service][/one-third]

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Powerful Marketing

Is the result of becoming knowledgeable about our clients’ businesses and matching talent to their objectives.

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