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About Wiegand Associates

Design with strategies to inspire action.

Technology allows us to keep our reach wide and our overhead low.

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Ann Wiegand-Kamal – Founder & CEO

After many years of working for advertising agencies, famous and small, I came to the realization that I could produce the same excellent services, same effective materials, using many of the same talented people I have worked with for years — using web-based technology as our platform for collaboration. The connections we have through today’s technology allowed me to launch Wiegand Associates.

Our goal is to provide great, effective marketing communications for our preferred clients — the businesses and organizations dedicated to socially valuable or environmentally sustainable products and services. We want to help them impact our communities and our planet.

Ann is a marketing guru. Her team is expert in marketing to brand your business, increase your exposure in all aspects including social media. Wiegand Associates built my interactive, social media friendly website that is everything I ever wanted. I highly recommend Wiegand Associates to anyone because they truly will help brand your message, your content and your vision.

– Victor Manzo

For a sampling of our previous work, an overview of our process, and more staff biographies and testimonials, load up our website on a desktop or tablet.

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