General Process

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website analysis

Groundwork for an effective strategy

Our first conversation will be information gathering. To develop effective marketing materials we will discuss your objectives, assess your strengths, your point of view, your business’s persona, and then clarify an actionable plan or strategy to help you achieve your immediate and long term goals. We will examine:

  • Your brand
  • Your point of difference
  • Your challenges
  • The competitive environment

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Engaging the target marketconcept

Time for creative thinking! First a strategy, a clear idea of what we want to say and to whom. Next tactics, why, how and where does our audience look for products and services like yours? Once we have a blueprint we will brainstorm ways to inform or entertain your target market that make you memorable (brand building) and actionable (driving traffic to purchase, contribute, or respond). We’ll review our ideas with you to see which one fits you best. We’ll revise based on your input, and begin to shape the final form.

The Wiegand Associates advantage is our ability to assign the right people for the task. We have the knowledge and the network to ensure that the people working on your project have experience with businesses like yours.

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Time Management

We work to a timeline. There are things we’ll need from you — logos, content, product or service details, approvals, whatever! And things you will need from us — art, photography, copy writing, print production, site building. We will estimate the amount of time each step of the process will take, we will develop a timetable with responsibilities outlined at each step. then we use timesaving online tools to keep us on track and in frequent communication.

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Specific Deadline

All of our time management, with intermediate deadlines will take us to the materials closing date, the event advertising date or our website launch date. That’s THE DEADLINE. When we follow the timeline developed for managing the project, THE DEADLINE an ordinary day with the simple pleasure of accomplishment.

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Building our creative product

This is the fun part. Here’s where Wiegand Associates really shines. We take a lot of pride in delivering beautiful, hardworking marketing materials that make you look good and make us happy to go to work in the morning. Here’s where we find or shoot the perfect image, smith our writing, retouch and assemble, choose just the right typeface and work and rework each of the elements of our marketing message until everyone on the team can stand back and “high 5!”

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Putting our work to work for you.test

Before we get too smug about our  product we put it to a couple of tests. This is especially important for our websites. We test browsers, add search terms and analytics and ask the browsers to index the site. For print we prefer to pull print proofs, give our proofreader one last chance to catch our typos and for larger jobs, do press checks. Each job gets a checklist to check and check again.

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performance Checking for impact.

Have we made a difference? Did the ad get noticed? Were offers redeemed? Donations up? Is your re-marketing list growing? Can people find you on the web? We thrive on feedback and incremental changes in traffic for your business. There is a limit to what even great marketing can accomplish for a business but we celebrate your successes and truly partner with you to achieve your business goals.